Migrating from POP3 to IMAP

January 30, 2012

For long time I had a POP3 account as my primary email and manage to accumulate a reasonable number of messages that I’d like to keep. POP3 is great, you can create and read emails locally on your PC. you can backup the messages as they take the form of files locally. Well it great as long as you have one primary PC. one I got really busy and got smart-phone i thought it would be grate to be able to read emails on the go and at work.

The solution is obviously IMAP. To be fair had i know what is IMAP I would have use it from start. The problem now is that all my old messages are locally stored on my home PC in folders and sub-folders and I want to be able to browse them in my new account, which is the same account using IMAP.

I needed to put the old messages back to the server. The trivial way is to send them all to self but that means loosing the sender name. I needed a tool that push back the old messages. I couldn’t find any tool that do that. Loosing easy access to all my old messages would be a deal breaker for me.

The solution is very simple, I am using MS live client and to push messages to the server all you need is to drag them into the IMAP folder and the client will simply do that.

Probably the reason I couldn’t find any tool is that it a trivial task. The down side is that you can’t drag folders, just messages.