Motorola XT701 – Too Slow

My Motorola XT701 Android phone is aging and it performance is not as smooth as it use to be.

The problem annoy me for long time but the option of wiping it fresh was not very appealing, until “enough is enough” and I’ve decided to do that! but before I do I remind myself with the steps to get into system recovery.

  1. Turn the phone Off.
  2. power it up by continually holding the power button and the media button (the small button next to the camera button). Hold both until you get a screen with /!\.
  3. then push the volume-up button and the camera button to get the system recovery menu:

    reboot system
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
  4. Use the volume button to change selection and the camera button to apply.

Choosing the third option you will clear all the phone setting installations and data and return it to the factory settings: the state it was when it was new, a very costly operation.  but apparently choosing the forth option will not harm or change the phone at the user level at all.

Before selecting the third option I tried the forth. It work! the phone operation is now smooth and fast and it seems like it was rejuvenated.


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