RIM JDE debug messages

November 25, 2008

Maybe it my fault that I didn’t read the whole of RIM’s documentation or maybe it just not there.

Anyway I was looking for a while for how to print debug messages in the JDE’s debug window and now I found it.
Simply use the system output stream:
System.out.println( "message " + number );


RIM development environment serial port

October 16, 2008

I am developing a handheld application for my company. and it on a blackberry device. basically it’s a device programmer interfacing through a serial port. since blackberrys do not have serial port I’ll be using a Bluetooth to serial port converter, but for development I can use the BB serial port emulation through the PC port.

At first I use the class connector interface to open a serial port, as they use in their samples. but I couldn’t get it to accept messages coming over the port, I spent hours on that, tweaking the port and the code, nothing. The DataInputStream.available() always return zero, although I know it got a response. Eventually I found a different class, oddly enough named Class SerialPort that worked perfectly well. RIM did advised not to use it, but I am not going to use it for the final product anyway.