First steps with blogging

October 16, 2008

First part of writing a blog is opening an account. That was way too complicated: at first I wanted to open one in some technology site so others can find this information, after a long search I found toolbox but it seems that they only want good writers and they may not accept me as one. Well, I’m not gona be tested on my writing skills, that not my strength anyway. I search more, but haven’t found anything. I could open it in blogger or any of the massive blogging sites but I wanted a technology title, Engineers don’t look for solutions in Blogger…

Eventually I decided to open a blog in my own site, simple and straight forward. My hosting provider have wordpress ready to install, click clack and it’s running.

Now I had to add a bit of personal touch, so I downloaded a theme that suits me, tweaked it a bit and here you go.