WP sstat visitors plugin

WP-sstat-visitors plugin is an extension for WP-shortstat plugin.

Track your blog visitors path. Find what was the visitors path and timings in your site. This Plugin present some information on each visitor at your site, including where did he came from, what was he doing and for how long.

screenshot of the plugin display

The plugin displays public information of the visitors: browser, operating system, language, IP, visited pages and referrers.

Please leave a comment or ask any question.


13 Responses to WP sstat visitors plugin

  1. jc says:

    I use 2.8.6 and just tried to load your plugin through the install function in my wordpress interface.

    When I tried to activate it…

    It gave me a “this plugin does not have a valid header” error and did not activate

  2. Wolfgang says:

    I use 2.8.6 and load your plugin through the install function in my wordpress interface. I can activate the Plugin. But when I click on Visitors, your plugin told me that I have to install WP-Shortstats. But it’s allready installed. I have installed WP-Shortstats V1.15 and V1.14. Both are working fine. I have no clue what is wrong.

    • Raz Peleg says:

      Hi Wolfgang,

      The plugin assume the presence of a table named {prefix}ss_stats created by WP-Shortstat. it also assume the number of recorded visitors is more than 0.
      Please check that you have the assumed table name.


  3. James says:

    same issue for me, I couldn’t see that table. However I am not quite sure if I looked in the right place.

    • Raz Peleg says:

      Hi James,

      Seems like a recurrent issue.
      The table is an SQL table added to the blog database by the WP-Shortstat plugin.
      Please verufy that this is the plugin you have or otherwise let me know which plugin you do have so I can try to support it as well.


  4. Wolfgang says:

    Hi Raz,

    the table exists and WP-Shortstats works fine. The table wp_ss_stats has more than 120000 entrys.
    What can I do?


  5. Wolfgang says:

    Hi again.

    I updatet your plugin to Ver. 0.5
    I have deleted WP-Shortstats and the tables to.
    Reinstalled. Wp-shortstat says 19 unique Visitors.
    And nogo. :o(


  6. Ram Raghavan says:

    Hi I have installed your latest version (5.0). But Dashboard says “plugin not installed”. I checked for this SQL table but it does not exist in the plugin folder. What should I do?


  7. Ram Raghavan says:

    I got it to work finally. I realized that since your plugin is an extension to the shortstat plugin, I need to install that one as well. This requirement was not very clear from your install instructions but that’s ok.
    Your plugin works great and is very helpful.


  8. Max says:

    Hi Raz,
    First let me say, i love this plug-in!
    One little thing to change.
    I’m using WordPress 2.9.1. german version and latest versions of required plug-ins. On your sample above i can see visitors time, but on my site i see visitors date. Can i change this? How?

    • Raz Peleg says:

      Hi Max,

      Today’s visits show the time. Visits before today will present the date.
      In both cases you’ll see the time and date when you hover over the value.

      Please let me know if this is not the case in your site.


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